May 02, 2024

Extracting Financial Metrics from Company Documents with Metal

Taylor Lowe

Taylor Lowe

Skelly extracting metrics

As an investor, understanding the financial health of a business is key for both deal teams and portfolio managers. Unfortunately, these numbers are typically scattered across files in data rooms, emails, file storage systems, and more. Tracking these metrics down is extremely time-consuming work. Fortunately, this is where Metal can help!

Metal’s data processing capabilities are specifically focused on financial documents. Whether you’re working with financial statements, call transcripts, or board decks, Metal is built to look for and extract key financial metrics so you don’t have to.

Check out this short product video to see just how easy this is.

If you're starting your research process on a company, working on a live deal, or tidying up your portfolio to report to your LPs, Metal's extraction capabilities can save you hours of time! Please get in touch today and our team will help you get started.