May 23, 2024

Generate Complex Reports with Metal

Taylor Lowe

Taylor Lowe

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Metal’s reports feature allows you to run complex, multi-step AI operations on large amounts of company data. You can generate reports on any data that is uploaded to Metal – such as decks, financials, transcripts, and more.

And unlike purely chat based applications, Metal’s reports are not limited by the context window of an LLM. In other words, you can generate reports on a lot of data. Let’s dive in!

What are a few Use Cases?

Reports are as flexible as they are powerful. Here are some common use cases where our customers find reports particularly useful.

  1. Streamline information requests: Identify what diligence data you have, and what's missing.
  2. Conduct initial ESG diligence: Analyze a company’s governance practices, performance, and risks.
  3. Call transcript summarization & insights: Extract key themes, sentiment, and contradictions or inconsistencies between speakers.

How Does It Work?

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and create a new report

reports navigation

2. Select which files you want to run the report on. You can do this with a saved filter in Metal.

3. Provide step-by-step instructions for what you want Metal’s reports to focus on.

reports steps

4. Generate the Report!

Metal’s reports will then tackle each step in order, analyzing every file to accurately answer each question.

Reviewing the Report

Once the report has finished generating, you can review the results!

reviewing report

Citations & Iterations

Given the amount of data analyzed in Metal’s reports, citing sources is critical to the report experience. This is why every output of the report is cited, allowing users to verify that information is correct before proceeding.

report citations

Reports are also built to be iterative. Didn’t like your initial instructions? Want to rerun a report with additional data? No problem. You can modify steps and regenerate reports as needed.

report rerun

Want to try it yourself?

With Metal's reports, you can accelerate core workflows in diligence or discover insights in your fund's data at very high speeds. The feature is live and ready for use! Please reach out and we’ll help your team process their first reports today.

This is just the start for this powerful feature. Stay tuned for more releases designed to streamline specific fund workflows, significantly boosting your team's efficiency and saving them hours on every deal or portfolio report.