March 07, 2024

How to Chat with Financial Data Using Metal

Taylor Lowe

Taylor Lowe

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Unlike general-purpose chatbots, Metal is fully focused on surfacing information crucial to investors, assisting funds in analyzing companies and deals with significantly greater accuracy and speed.

In this post, we’ll explore Metal’s core chat capabilities and showcase a few features built specifically for investors. Let’s dive in!

Core Capabilities

On-the-fly File Upload: As a deal progresses, new information often emerges, providing key insights into target companies or markets. To support this, you can upload any financial document into Metal's chat for instant analysis. These files aren't stored after chat sessions, making this feature ideal for ad-hoc research.

select data

Chat with a Datasource: For more permanent datasets, you can use Metal’s datasources to store and analyze large collections of files. By chatting with a datasource, Metal will only return information related to what you’ve uploaded. This is particularly useful for analyzing data rooms or even an entire portfolio.

Real-Time Web Results: Metal’s chat will also run web searches, providing supplemental information for your team’s diligence questions.

web results

Model Interoperability: Advancements from model providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, or the open source community provide exciting new opportunities for investors and funds. Metal is built with this flexibility in mind, and can integrate with the model that best suits your team’s needs. Have a model in mind but haven’t been able to try it out? We’d love to hear from you!

Built with Funds in Mind

Source Attribution: Every answer generated by Metal has a source, which we cite directly in the application. This is especially important when citing financial metrics, dates, or the reasoning behind a response. 

source attribution

Evaluation Metrics: In addition to citations, every response in Metal is evaluated for faithfulness and contextual relevance. These scores assess how factually accurate an answer is based on the data it references, and how relevant Metal’s response is to the user’s question.


Quote Extraction: Customer or management anecdotes can supply crucial perspectives for a deal. For each generated response, Metal runs a supplemental search for direct quotes from source documents. This is particularly useful for creating memos or presentations.

quote extraction

Integrations: Metal is API first and highly extensible. We can integrate with third party data providers, CRMs, or proprietary systems. Please get in touch if you have specific integration needs.

There’s More to Come

While Metal is also building novel capabilities for funds, chat remains a very useful tool for investors. But the key to getting the most out of these tools is integrating them seamlessly into core workflows and processes.

If you’d like to learn more and see if we can accelerate your funds investment process, drop us a line.