May 09, 2024

Organize your Fund Data with AI Driven Classification

Taylor Lowe

Taylor Lowe

skelly sorting files on a boat

Private company data can be messy. From inconsistent document formatting to how financial metrics are calculated, structuring and organizing a company’s data can be a daunting task. And if a deal is on the line or you're under pressure to report to your LPs, working with disorganized data can significantly impact your speed and performance. But despite their inconsistencies, private datasets share commonalities that can structure your data – they just need a little help from Metal 🤘

In addition to extracting valuable information and metrics, Metal’s processing capabilities will also classify documents for you. For starters, we scan through each uploaded file and categorize them by company and document type. These values are appended to each document, which provides a structured way for your team to chat, search, filter, and sort through collections of files.

How it works

1. Upload your data

document upload

2. Allow Metal to finish processing

3. Once processed, classified values are displayed in the application

document classification

Metal can be used to classify additional values – such as the date of a document, which fund the data applies to, and more. And to ensure trust, Metal runs programmatic evaluations on classification accuracy – improving performance over time.

More to come!

Funds work with a lot of data. To find necessary information or insights, analysts need multiple ways to slice and dice through the information they’re working with. This is why structuring disorganized information is so important, and why discoverability is a core product principle at Metal.

But classification is just one tool we have at our disposal. Stay tuned for upcoming releases which will provide even more powerful ways to cut through a data room, portfolios, and more.

If you’d like to learn more and see how Metal's classification abilities can apply to your team, we’d love to hear from you.